Akademickie Centrum Hotelowe

The Student Hostel "Za Kolumnami"

It is a very modern, eight floor building, completely acquired to the handicapped needs. It consists of 222 spacious, bright rooms which standard can be compared to a two - star standard hotel.

   Presently it is the place of the residence of 380 students. There are 4 single rooms for the handicapped students, on the ground floor, although all rooms are double. There is a bathroom and a shower in every room.
   Students have also the possibility to use the Internet, phones and refrigerators. There is a large kitchen on every floor.
The future facility, which is already planned, is a fitness center located in the basement (-1 level).

     VII floor represents the rooms of the higher standard. There are guest rooms there which are mostly used by the participants of the scientific conferences and special Pedagogical University's guests.

   The new hall of residence is equipped with a modern video monitoring. There are 35 cameras inside and 7 cameras outside the building. It has so called the anti-fire sound warning system (in every room, including the bathrooms, there are the fire proof soundspeakers, which send the alarm signals and special instructions (e.g. evacuation command) - It is the first hall of residence in Poland, where this kind of alarm system has been installed.